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UFG Surety implements new contract surety underwriting structure — names Daniels to lead as VP, welcomes Benton as AVP

Released on: Jan 31, 2024, 10:00 AM
UFG Surety has implemented a new, regional-based, underwriting structure for contract surety, another stride in the company’s dedication to driving profitable growth. 

The enhancement segments contract surety underwriting into three geographic regions — West, Midwest and East — guided by experienced surety professional Brian Daniels as VP, contract surety underwriting. Daniels, who has been a leader within UFG Surety since 2022, has strategic accountability for the function of contract surety underwriting in his new role.

Working closely with Daniels is Erle Benton, AVP, contract surety underwriting, who joined UFG in late 2023. 

A respected industry leader with deep surety underwriting expertise, Benton assists in advancing strategy, authority framework and audit processes in this new role at UFG. His extensive career includes a passion for education. He serves as an instructor at the National Association of Surety Bond Producers (NASBP) William J. Angell Surety School and is co-author of The Basic Bond Book — an educational publication for those entering the field of construction and surety. 

“Brian’s track record of success and highly technical expertise make him the right person to oversee this focused framework, which creates a stronger opportunity to serve both surety agents and clients,” explained UFG’s Vice President of Surety Kyanna Saylor. “And I’m equally certain that Erle’s experience will be an asset in delivering long-term profitable growth while enhancing agent relationships. Our new contract surety regional underwriting structure is a strong supplement to the more than 70-year legacy of UFG Surety and our standing as a responsive, trusted and knowledgeable partner.” 

New underwriting manager roles will oversee each geographic region under Daniels. These roles offer technical underwriting expertise, operational management and market engagement needed for a broader impact, working closely with agents to enhance mutual, profitable goals.

AVP Brad Hance, who has been with UFG since 2012, has stepped into one of these new opportunities as underwriting manager for the Midwest region. 

AVP Jeff Norris has assumed the responsibility of underwriting manager for the East region. Norris was successful in a similar role prior to joining UFG in 2021.

“Brad’s extraordinary ability to build high-trust relationships with agency partners is a key reason he is overseeing a legacy region,” added Saylor. “Jeff’s approachable leadership style continues to serve him well in building out his team and with agency relationships across his region.” 

Surety is actively recruiting for the position of underwriting manager for the West region and aims to fill the role soon.

“I’m confident the heightened service bolstered by this new structure and the leadership of Brian, Erle, Brad and Jeff will continue to position UFG Surety for success alongside our agents,” Saylor stated. “In this next chapter, our positive momentum is invigorating.”