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Nominate a candidate

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Nominations can only be made for specific individuals — groups or organizations will not be accepted. Any employee of UFG or a UFG partner agency can nominate one or more candidates in either of the two categories.

Recipients of the Scotty McIntyre Jr. Go Beyond Award are announced each fall. If you have any questions, email

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Tell us about the organization(s) the nominee serves (name, city/state, mission, so on). Remember, we don't know all the wonderful things about the nominee that you do, so the more specific information you can share with us the better. *

Tell us about the impact

UFG always strives to deliver on a promise of support to communities. Explain how the nominee's actions support those in need and enhance lives.  Pro-Tip: Avoid speaking in generalities. A strong nomination will include specific stories and/or examples of the nominee’s actions making a difference. There is no such thing as too much information when submitting a Go Beyond nomination.

Tell us how they reflect the SPIRIT of UFG

When UFG's core values unite (service, partnerships, innovation, respect, integrity, trust) the SPIRIT of UFG comes shining through. Tell us how you think the nominee's actions reflect the SPIRIT of UFG. *  Pro-Tip: Remember, the nominee selected for Go Beyond recognition receives $5,000 from UFG to donate to their nonprofit of choice — that’s an important gift — so be sure to answer questions from the heart. A strong nomination will demonstrate a thoughtful response.

Tell us how they're continuing the legacy

Scotty McIntyre, Jr., firmly believed insurance was a people business—a founding principle that's woven into the fabric of UFG to this day. He believed in giving without recognition to make this world a better place. Explain how, in your view, the nominee's actions follow in Scotty's footsteps. *  Pro-Tip: Be thorough. Be detailed. Take time to flesh out answers. A strong nomination will paint a clear picture of your nominee’s character, actions and fundamentals. Afterall, a big nonprofit donation is up for grabs!

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