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Workers compensation

Workers compensation

Accidents happen, even at companies that have safety down to a science. Workers compensation coverage from UFG Insurance offers multiple tools to help injured employees on the road to a speedy recovery.

Because, at UFG, we understand that people are at the heart of every business. Not only are dedicated staff central to any company’s healthy bottom line but, just as important, employees become friends and even second family. Let’s get them better — fast — when they’re hurt on the job.

UFG workers compensation insurance may help cover:

  • Medical care due to an on-the-job accident or incident.
  • Rehabilitation needs due to the injury.
  • Lost wages for the injured employee.
  • Transportation expenses for medical appointments.
Some states may not allow all coverages listed. Consult your UFG agent about specific coverages available in your state.

Simple Pay as You Go billing option

UFG’s Pay as You Go billing plan allows for more accurate and flexible workers compensation premium payments for business owners, causing less strain on cash flow throughout the year. With Pay as You Go, premium is calculated based on the actual reported payroll rather than an estimate, meaning less chance of unwelcome surprises at final audit. 

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Pay as You Go is offered in partnership with SmartPay Solutions and available to all workers compensation policyholders at UFG, whether they self-report payroll or use a payroll vendor. It’s a simple billing solution for many types of business owners, especially those with seasonal work and fluctuating payrolls.

Learn more about Pay as You Go.

Exceptional claims service from UFG

There’s a person behind every claim filed — we never forget that at UFG. It’s one reason we’re committed to a gold-standard level of customer service within our claims department. That means we strive to help our claimants through their difficult situation as quickly, kindly and efficiently as possible. 

UFG’s dedicated team is available when our workers compensation policyholders have questions. We equip businesses with handy how-to info that walks through the claims filing process in a few simple steps. And, a comprehensive guide tags along to put helpful information at our policyholders’ fingertips.

Timely medical care with CorVel

Workplace injuries are always stressful for employees and sometimes costly for businesses. Minor injuries can turn into major claims and fast access to a medical professional at the time of the accident is vital.

Businesses that choose UFG as their workers compensation carrier have free access to instant, 24/7 medical triage services from CorVel health solutions. An easy, toll-free call connects an injured employee to a registered nurse who specializes in occupational injuries. The nurse will evaluate the injury and make appropriate referrals, including the opportunity to immediately connect with a telehealth physician if need be, to make sure employees are swiftly connected to the right care.

Find a UFG agent near you to explore workers compensation for your organization.