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Reinsurance for long-term business planning solutions

Looking for an established provider of risk-bearing capacity for reinsurance and alternative distribution markets? Look to UFG reinsurance.

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Providing insurance for the insurance industry may be the simplest way to understand reinsurance. But here at UFG, we aspire to partner with cedents, brokers and managing general agents (MGAs) in more profound ways to create long-term business planning solutions. 

Through trustworthy reinsurance, a broad range of alternative distribution channels, and exceptional service provided by exceptional people, we combine experienced underwriting expertise with a collaborative philosophy that our partners value. 

When a reinsurance broker or MGA chooses UFG for cedent needs, they’re choosing: 
  • Durable strategic alignment from a responsive partner.
  • Active dialogue and open communication for mutually beneficial outcomes.
  • Capacity priced for meaningful transfer of risk.
  • Sustainable returns across the market cycle.
  • Significant line participation.
  • A company backed by a financial strength rating of “A-” (Excellent), with stable outlook, reflecting long-term balance sheet strength from AM Best. 

About us 

Our balance sheet supports a variety of property and casualty insurance risks via:
  • Treaty reinsurance.
  • Funds at Lloyd’s investments.
  • Delegated underwriting programs. 
We seek out active underwriters with strong track records in global casualty and specialty markets, avoiding significant property catastrophe exposures where possible in North America. Meet our team.

Channels and appetite

Admitted and non-admitted paper for insurance programs with select MGAs.

A delegated authority relationship is formed when an insurer permits another party to act on its behalf, either in an underwriting and/or claims handling capacity. This allows persons responsible for binding to delegate the power to execute and approve contracts on behalf of the company to other personnel.  

Where underwriting authority is delegated, UFG refers to these entities as program administrators (PAs) or MGAs depending on statutory definition.

UFG provides appropriate delegation of authority to PAs or MGAs that are established and possess sound, technical underwriting expertise in a given business mix or class of business that diversifies our portfolio, which is fundamental to the efficient management and operation of a company. 

Reinsurance protection for government-sponsored enterprises (GSE), mortgage insurers, sureties and credit insurance risks. 

UFG financial lines reinsurance business includes mortgage, surety and trade credit proportional and excess of loss reinsurance treaties with a focus on U.S. and Canada risks. 

We trade with private mortgage insurers, GSEs, and national and regional insurance carriers.

We strive to achieve long-term partnerships through mutually beneficial risk transfer and capital relief solutions. 

Whole-syndicate, proportional capital commitments at Lloyd’s offered through our corporate member. 

An active presence in the heart of the global insurance industry: McIntyre Cedar Corporate Member supports a growing portfolio of Lloyd’s syndicates through FAL investments. 

We transact with Lloyd’s syndicates in various ways and offer these transactions to support the growth of partners that align well with our strategic interests.

We meet with syndicates once per quarter to review financial results and business planning. We actively review our overall and individual capacity commitments each year before coming into line on a new year of account. 

Capacity support for insurance programs underwritten through managing general agents. 

Treaty reinsurance is a contract between a ceding insurance company and the reinsurer who agrees to accept the ceded risks of a predetermined class of policies over a defined period.  

Some ceding insurance companies choose to partner with MGAs that possess subject matter expertise in writing certain classes of business and are therefore granted underwriting authority by the ceding insurance company.  

Business opportunities with a cedent/MGA relationship fit within UFG’s MGA treaty channel.

MPL insurance, sometimes known as medical malpractice insurance, is a type of professional liability insurance that aims to protect physicians and other licensed health care professionals (such as dentists and nurses) from liability associated with wrongful practices resulting in bodily injury, medical expenses and property damage, and protects them from the cost of defending lawsuits related to such claims.

UFG provides MPL treaty coverage to regional and national companies that have strong potential for profitability and exemplify patient safety initiatives, risk management protocols, and best practices that minimize healthcare risk exposures and enhance patient safety. 

Proportional protection for property, casualty and specialty reinsurance risks.

A retrocession (retro) is when one reinsurance company transfers risk to another party, usually another insurance company. This is, in part, to assist the reinsurance company with managing its exposure to large catastrophic events. 

UFG is a market for a variety of retro covers, including worldwide and/or territory specific, catastrophe, per risk and/or whole account, multi-class, non-proportional and proportional treaty reinsurance.  

Many states define a reinsurance intermediary manager as any person, firm, association or corporation that has authority to bind or manage all or part of the assumed reinsurance business of a reinsurer (including the management of a separate division, department or underwriting office) and acts as an agent for the reinsurer, whether known as a reinsurance intermediary manager, manager or other similar term.

UFG has two reinsurance intermediary manager partners, Topsail Re and Waypoint Underwriting Management. These RIMA partners have contractual delegated underwriting authority to secure reinsurance contracts on behalf of UFG in the workers compensation, accident and health, and casualty lines of business.

Quota share and excess of loss protection for casualty and whole account insurance risks. 

UFG provides treaty coverage for traditional casualty lines of business, on both an excess of loss and proportional basis, including commercial and personal automobile, general liability, workers compensation, employers liability, excess liability, and umbrella, as well as select professional liability lines of business.  

Quota share and excess of loss protection for property per risk, property catastrophe and whole account insurance risks. 

A per risk treaty is a type of reinsurance contract in which the reinsurer agrees to indemnify the ceding company for losses arising from a particular risk, such as a single property or a single liability. The terms of the contract usually specify the maximum amount of loss the reinsurer will cover for each risk, as well as the premium the ceding company will pay for the coverage. Per risk treaties are typically used to cover risks that are considered to have a low probability of occurrence but a high potential impact.

A catastrophe treaty is a type of reinsurance contract that provides coverage for a specific catastrophic event, such as a hurricane, earthquake or other natural disaster. Unlike a per risk treaty, which covers a single risk, a catastrophe treaty covers multiple risks that may be affected by the same catastrophic event. The terms of the contract usually specify a trigger point for the coverage to be activated, such as a certain amount of losses incurred by the ceding company or a specific magnitude of the event. Catastrophe treaties are typically used to cover risks that have a high probability of occurrence but a low potential impact. 

Quota share and excess of loss protection for property per risk, property catastrophe and whole account insurance risks. 

The standard treaty channel includes traditional multi-line, property per risk, casualty excess and catastrophe excess of loss.  

UFG specializes in providing these lines of reinsurance to regional and super-regional companies, written when they diversify and provide profitable premium growth to UFG’s overall portfolio. 


This map shows current risk from a total insured value viewpoint. Red represents higher concentration of alternative distribution exposures while blue indicates lower.

UFG Alternative Distribution Heat Map showing exposures
This map of the United States shows the current risk from a total insured value viewpoint, with notable lower exposures in the Midwest and generally higher exposures along the West Coast and Northeastern states. Specifically, the states can be grouped into these categories; lowest exposure: AL, AR, AZ, CO, CT, DE, FL, HI, ID, IA, KS, KY, LA, ME, MO, MS, MT, NC, ND, NE, NM, NV, OK, SC, SD, TN, UT, VT, WV, WY. Mid exposure: GA, IL, IN, MA, MD, MN, NH, NJ, NY, OH, OR, PA, VA, WI. Higher exposure: CA, MI, RI, WA.

Alternative distribution channels included in these exposures are:
  • Regional U.S. treaty. 
  • Casualty treaty.
  • DUA.
  • MPL.
  • Financial lines treaty.
  • MGA treaty.
  • FAL treaty.


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