Inland marine

Inland marine coverage from partners you trust

As a trusted partner for inland marine coverage, UFG’s expertise includes builders risk, contractor’s equipment, transportation floaters and much more.

Your local independent agent and our inland marine experts can help you navigate the complexities of insurance coverage when it comes to new construction or renovating or rehabbing existing buildings. The foundation of risk management starts with builders risk, including tailored coverage forms for both commercial and residential projects. We also offer contractor’s equipment, transportation floaters and reporting forms for multiple projects as well. 

We’re ready to be your go-to carrier for monoline inland marine coverage.

Why choose UFG for inland marine coverage?

  • Builders risk expertise
    Our builders risk knowledge base is here for you, whether it’s building new schools, roadwork construction or renovations of existing structures.
  • Flexible coverage
    Through our independent agent partners, we create flexible coverage options to match the risk at hand. Bundle your policy with us to simplify the experience.
  • Local partners, national knowledge 
    Coverage forms, associated exposures and industry updates—our inland marine experts are here to provide unparalleled knowledge and first-rate service. 
Do you need inland marine insurance for upcoming construction projects or renovations? Find an agent today to learn more.