Commercial Property

Commercial property

Customized coverage for businesses large and small

Commercial property coverage ensures that your business can keep moving forward regardless of obstacles that may get in your way.

Protection starts with having the proper insurance plan, no matter the size of your business. Most commercial property coverage can be broken down into three categories: 

  • Commercial property
    Property could include your buildings, garages, exterior signs, outdoor fencing, permanently installed machinery and equipment.

  • Business personal property/contents
    Can include objects located in buildings such as furniture and fixtures, machinery and equipment, production tools, inventory and more. It also covers many personal items. 

  • Business income/extra expense
    If your location suffers a direct physical loss, we can help provide for loss of income and extra expenses you incur during the period of restoration.

Proper commercial property coverage

Ensuring that your business is covered under these three categories provides peace of mind knowing you are covered against a minor event or a major loss. Regardless of how careful you and your employees may be, unfortunate events and accidents can occur. If this happens, you could be paying much more out of pocket than you would with proper insurance coverages.

Do you feel secure with your current property coverage? Starting a business and need insurance that provides true peace of mind? UFG Insurance agents are here to answer your questions about commercial liability insurance. Find an agent today to learn more.