Cyber threats are constantly evolving. So are we.

We are more connected with technology today than ever before. That presents a risk, but we’re here to protect business owners from hackers and other cyber criminals.

Customer and employee data, accounts, online sales, credit card information — these are some of the most valuable assets a company has within its digital walls. The age of technology is upon us and UFG Insurance is here to protect your business with cyber coverage designed for today, tomorrow and beyond. 

Comprehensive cyber coverage

Cyber coverage from UFG Insurance is a comprehensive commercial lines coverage offered on our general liability, auto and businessowners policies. To keep up with your growing business, it includes:
  • Five broad coverages to help give you true peace of mind.
  • Flexible coverage for your needs, up to $1 million, depending on risk type.
  • Access to breach experts who specialize in cyberattacks and internet security claims.
  • Online banking theft (OBT), identity theft coverage and more. 

Ensure your business and its assets are protected from cybersecurity threats today.

Start the conversation with one of our independent agents and peace of mind will be your friend before you can say “world wide web.”

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