Strategy for Success

Strategy for success

A strategy for success

How do we keep a pulse on the health of company operations? One way is welcoming all employees to be part of our long-term strategy for success.

Our current strategic plan, “One UFG: Boldly Forward,” merges competitive advantages and industry experience with best practices, market research and expert insights.

When combined with our mission, it guides day-to-day decision making, renewing a sense of purpose and possibility within every employee.

Thirteen performance-improving initiatives anchor the plan, each directly connected to how employees work together to help the organization grow and evolve in an ever-changing industry.

Each initiative is driven by a cross-section of energized employees at all levels of tenure and seniority, diversifying and enriching goals, so we truly live the corporate culture as one success-driven team.

“United” stands for more than the “U” in our name — each employee comes together to create a unified company with a clear purpose, moving boldly forward with enthusiastic momentum.