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Certified mail from UFG Insurance claims will switch to email

Released on: Mar 25, 2020, 13:00 PM
Stopping the spread of COVID-19 doesn’t mean we stop communicating

It just means we communicate differently.

As many across our nation practice social distancing by staying home, we realize this may influence accessibility to U.S. mail. Because UFG claim teams often send certified letters, we’re changing our routine to help ensure messages are received. We will lean on email instead of sending certified letters when a confirmed e-address is on file. 

We’d like to remind agency partners to share email addresses and cell phone numbers of insureds and claimants if known at the time of claim filing. This small change will help us remain connected even when we’re far apart. 

As our claim teams continue to uphold a gold-standard level of service during this unprecedented time, it’s of vital importance to us that policyholders—especially those who have filed a recent claim—receive punctual messages.

Thank you for taking the extra step to share email and cell phone information and partnering with us to keep claims communications flowing.