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Claims advocacy partners aim to enhance claims process for agents

Released on: Apr 3, 2023, 11:00 AM
Pilot program launched April 2023

UFG Insurance prides itself on creating simple solutions for its agents to do business. And a new pilot program, claims advocacy partners, strives to do just that.

“We took action when our agents let us know that having a main contact for specialized claims questions would be helpful,” explains AVP, Workers Compensation Claims Manager Christine Zetocka. “Our new claims advocacy partners aim to offer agents one point of contact to enhance their claims experience.”

A claims advocacy partner joins an agency’s existing UFG team — working side-by-side with the adjuster, marketing representative, underwriter and risk control consultant — as a go-to person for assistance throughout the claims process.

The advocacy partners concept is starting as a small pilot with five to seven agencies in each of UFG’s five branches so the team can better ensure service that exceeds expectations.

 Claims advocate team
Jenni Zollman, Carson Brann, Joe Sullivan 
“We’re really excited to get out there and talk with the pilot agencies,” says Brann Carson, one of three seasoned claims professionals who stepped into the claims advocacy partner role. “If a claim has been filed, that usually means something stressful or sad has happened. As claims advocacy partners, we hope to help agents remember we’re there for the person behind that claim. We want them to think UFG when they think of a carrier who handles claims with compassion.”

Fellow claims advocacy partners Jenni Zollman and Joe Sullivan agree.

“An advocate is there to lean on,” adds Jenni. “We all stand ready to offer pilot agents the answers, service and support they need to easily navigate the claims experience.”

“We hope all our agent partners are excited to hear about this new pilot program and the potential it can carry for ease of doing business,” adds Joe.

The claims advocacy partner program hopes to expand as the pilot gains momentum.