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Update on damage deadlines for the 2020 Iowa Derecho

Released on: Aug 10, 2021, 08:00 AM

As we reach the one year anniversary of the 2020 Iowa derecho, we understand the very unfortunate and devastating situation many of our policyholders face due to extensive damage, limited contractor availability and potentially limited materials, thus we have agreed to do the following

  • The UFG claims staff will continue to work with all Iowa Derecho policyholders who have provided us with an intent that they want to make repairs and honor the appropriate holdback amount.
  • Our homeowners policy states a one year condition for which a policyholder can file legal action. We will provide a one year extension of time with which to file legal action on all pending homeowner claims as a result of the 2020 Iowa Derecho, should a dispute go unresolved.
  • The appraisal clause would also extend through the extension period or two years from date of loss or through August 10, 2022.

If you have any questions, concerns or comments, please contact the UFG Insurance claims team.