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Safety videos

Safety video rental library 

Free training resources from UFG risk control and Safety Source

Provide up-to-date affordable safety training for your employees through this special arrangement with Safety Source, a leading provider of safety training programs.

Safety Source has a comprehensive library of safety videos, with new programs added daily. Requests for Safety Source titles not yet available online are filled within 24-72 hours.  Many videos are available in both English and Spanish, with printable quizzes for each video.

You can find videos on a variety of topics including chemical safety, forklifts, machinery and welding, restaurant safety, ergonomics, personal protection, winter safety and so much more.

While most movies are available to purchase in DVD format, they can also be streamed directly from the Safety Source website. 

Access the catalog of videos and log in to choose a video or videos to view. Note: In order to obtain log-in information, you must first contact your UFG risk control consultant by email or at 800-828-2705.

You can also find additional video training resources from OSHA.

If you have any questions about the videos, or problems accessing the library, contact your UFG risk control consultant, send us an email at riskcontrol@unitedfiregroup.com or call us at 800-828-2705.