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Fleet safety

Consumer Resources: Fleet Safety 

Put the safety of your employees first by developing a comprehensive policy for operating and maintaining vehicles at your business. Use our resources to assist you.  

Concerned about distracted driving? You should be. Visit our Distracted Driving information center for state information and resources.

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Commercial auto insurance self-assessment 80 KB View Download
Progressive-driving-discipline 98 KB View Download
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Name Size Action
Fleet safety support after an at-fault accident 397 KB View Download
Hands free cell phone policy 85 KB View Download
Zero tolerance cell phone policy 84 KB View Download
Negligent-entrustment 84 KB View Download
USDOT FMCSA Clearinghouse Factsheet 1761 KB View Download
Ride sharing 192 KB View Download
Company vehicles 210 KB View Download
Defensive driving training course 734 KB View Download
Risk control fleet safety program 764 KB View Download