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Premium audit FAQs

FAQs about the premium audit process

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Who should I contact if I have questions about my audit or would like to know my audit status?

Your assigned auditor’s contact information is listed on the letter requesting audit. But you can also reach out to us at premiumaudit@unitedfiregroup.com or 319-247-6444.

I missed the online audit deadline. Can I still send in my information?

Absolutely. Please contact premiumaudit@unitedfiregroup.com and we’ll provide instructions on submitting audit information.

What if I don’t complete an audit? 

If you do not complete the audit prior to the due date, audit noncompliance charges may be applied to your policy in accordance with your state’s noncompliance policy. In addition, the in-force policy may be cancelled. 

My policy is no longer in force. Do I still need to do the audit? 

Yes, to obtain the final premium for your policy. Otherwise, you may be subject to a noncompliance penalty. 

I can’t get all the records together by the due date. Am I able to get an extension?

We are more than willing to work with you on an extended due date. Your assigned auditor’s contact information will be listed on the letter requesting audit. But, you can also reach out to us at premiumaudit@unitedfiregroup.com or 319-247-6444.

What if I don’t agree with my audit results? 

We understand there may be discrepancies or disagreements, and it’s our goal to provide the most accurate audit for our insured. When you receive your audit breakdown, review it carefully. If you disagree with the results, email the auditor or premiumaudit@unitedfiregroup.com or call 319-247-6444. Be sure to provide clear information as to why you disagree with the audit and include any supporting documentation.

What documents do I need to start my audit?

Check out our sections for payroll and sales. If your exposure rating is something other than payroll or sales, the audits will request the exposure type, like gallons sold or admissions. Don’t worry, we can talk you through the needed info.

My tax records don't line up with my policy period. What do I do?

The four quarterly reports that most closely align with the policy dates will be requested. Since these dates may differ, the auditor may also request an onset and offset payroll amount so reports can be verified. For example: The auditor may request payroll for the month of May at the beginning and end of the policy, which can then be reconciled to the quarterly reports. 

Why do you need our profit and loss report, 1099s, general ledger, income statement or cash disbursement?

These records are used for verification and help us assess risk. For example, the use of independent contractors, cash labor or subcontractors can pose an additional risk. These records help confirm and understand the exposure your company has. 

Why is officer payroll needed for the audit if they are excluded on the workers compensation policy? 

Great question. We reconcile to 941s or quarterly documentation when we verify payroll amounts, which includes all payroll. 

Commonly requested documents for payroll audits 

  • Copy of one of the following subcontractor verifications:
    • Profit and loss report.
    • Income statement.
    • General ledger.
    • General ledger chart of accounts and additional detail upon request.
    • Tax form 1120.
    • Forms 1099 and 1096.
  • Certificates of insurance for subcontractors covering the audit period and sufficient limits (if not provided, the amounts paid to the subcontractor will be included in the audit). 
  • Description of the insured’s operations by entity as listed on the policy. List of executive officers and percent of ownership. 
  • Gross payroll for each entity (deductible items will be requested but are not required for completion of the audit). 
  • Classifications and job duties for each employee (if job duties are not provided, employees will be classified in the highest rate or governing classification depending on the state rules). 
  • Copy of quarterly reports 940, 941 or state unemployment returns for verification purposes. 
  • Off-period payrolls and Section 125 to reconcile to the quarterly reports. 

Commonly requested documents for sales audits 

  • Description of the insured’s operations by entity as listed on the policy. 
  • Gross sales for the policy period shown by location and product type. 
  • Net sales totals will not be accepted without the gross sales to net sales breakdown. 
    • Please note: The insured must provide gross sales and show line items as to how they arrived at net sales. 
  • Copy of one of the following for sales verification: 
    • Profit and loss report. 
    • Income statement.
    • General ledger.

I don’t know what classification applies to my employee? What do I do?

Don’t worry, we do that part for you. Please include a list of duties for the employees and your auditor will classify them. If you have questions, contact your auditor or send us a message at premiumaudit@unitedfiregroup.com. Phone calls are great, too: 319-247-6444.

How do you define clerical employees, outside salespersons and drivers?

Clerical employees work strictly in the office with no outside exposure to service or manufacturing areas, construction sites, retail areas, or functions that require handling or testing products or materials. 

Outside salespersons travel to solicit sales. They don’t deliver products or perform any work outside of clerical or sales duties. 

Drivers may include drivers, chauffeurs, messengers and helpers. These employees perform work in connection with a vehicle. This includes drivers traveling in a vehicle (truck, car or bicycle) as part of their work duties. Drivers’ duties are limited to picking up or delivering goods/products owned by the company. Other duties may be included in another code on the policy.

Should my audit include employees who were terminated during the policy period? 

Yes, the wages of all employees who worked during the policy period should be included. 

If someone changes their job duties/responsibilities during the policy period, how should I list their payrolls?

If the change was permanent, please list the employee's name on two lines. Each line should separately indicate job title/duties, date of change and exact payroll amounts earned for that time. (No percentage split, please). 

How descriptive should I be when filling out my employees' duties?

Please be as descriptive as possible; provide specific job duties and where they are performed so your auditor can properly classify each employee.

What if one or more of my employees are misclassified? 

Let us know by emailing detailed information about the duties of the employee in question to your auditor or to premiumaudit@unitedfiregroup.com. You’re welcome to call us at 319-247-6444, too. We’ll make it priority to resolve the issue.

What specific information is needed concerning payroll reports or records?

The payroll report should include all employees paid within the policy period. This includes any employees who are no longer working for the company. Your auditor will let you know if there are specific items required in your state. Generally, the following items should be listed in the report:

  • Employee name.
  • Detailed job description.
    • Take clerical employees for example; list if they do HR, AR/AP, dispatch, etc.
  • Gross wages per employee.
    • All items contributing to the total wages paid to the employee.
  • Pay stubs showing a breakdown of hours and wages.
    •  Regular and overtime.
  • State of employment.
    • If multiple, break out the time worked in each.
  • Severance wages, if any.
  • Total tips, if any.
  • Total Section 125 amounts, if any.
  • Chrome web browser works best. 
  • If you received a link to complete the audit online and prefer to upload the documents rather than fill out the information within our online portal, please send them to premiumaudit@unitedfiregroup.com and list your control number and policy number in the subject line. 
  • Principals, owners, sole proprietors, LLC members, and executive officers are included in the total number of employees in the general business information section.
  • Please include typical operations, any new operations during the policy period, any major projects started or completed during the policy period in the description of operations.
  • All documentation may be uploaded via the verification tab including payroll reports, 941s/SUTAs, profit/loss, subcontractor reports, and certificates of insurance. If possible, please upload audit records in Excel format. 
  • After the audit has been submitted, the web portal will no longer be available. Please contact the auditor listed on your audit-request letter or email premiumaudit@unitedfiregroup.com with additional information or if corrections to submitted information need to be made.

I forgot my password. How do I recover it?

No worries. Please contact premiumaudit@unitedfiregroup.com and we’ll provide instructions on recovering your password.

What do I enter for the percentage ownership if my company is a nonprofit?

Our site requires up to 100% ownership to be entered. If you do not have a specific owner, include the president or main employee in charge at 100% (enter a note on the summary tab describing this).

How do I submit my information once completed?

On the final summary tab, double check if there are any statements in red. This denotes missing items that must be completed to submit the audit. If you have no statements in red on the final tab but still can’t submit the information, please call 319-247-6444 so we can assist.

Can I just get a copy of the forms to fill out? 

Absolutely. Please contact premiumaudit@unitedfiregroup.com and we will provide you with a copy of the forms.

I tried to upload my files, but they aren’t loading properly. What can I do?

It could be your file size. Our website has a file size limit of 20 MB; documents larger than that won’t load. If you have all your documents in one file, try breaking them apart into smaller separate files (for example, one file for payroll, one for profit and loss, etc.). If you’re still having issues, email your files to premiumaudit@unitedfiregroup.com. Please be sure to include the original audit letter (if you have it) or your policy number and control number in the email so we can properly assign the files to your audit.