Businessowners policies — simplified

Less time spent on insurance, more time getting stuff done.

Small business insurance can be hard to understand. That’s why we developed BOP-Pro, a simple solution for your customers. With over 35 available coverages, BOP-Pro has options to help take care of your customer’s needs quickly and efficiently. Plus, our new businessowners policy is ready to be your go-to for specific industry segments, like contractors and restaurants. Key coverages include:

  • Business income. 
  • Electronic data. 
  • Outdoor property. 
  • Accounts receivable. 
  • Cyber. 

Key coverages in BOP-Pro include:

Bar graph icon showing an upward money trendBusiness income
One of the most important coverages for a business owner to consider, business income insurance may pick up the slack when covered property damage causes a company to lose revenue. 

Computer icon showing data trendElectronic data
Business operations that rely on computer technology will appreciate the peace of mind that may come with this coverage if data is lost.

Hand holding building iconOutdoor property
Peril can strike outside as easily as it can inside; outdoor property coverage helps protect open-air elements of a small business, like signs for example.

Stacked coins iconAccounts receivable
Accounts receivable coverage is an important element for a business that invoices customers — this coverage may step in when a client fails to pay for reasons like bankruptcy or going out of business.  

BOP-Pro endorsements 

Need to take your coverage to the next level? BOP-Pro Select and BOP-Pro Plus have higher limits than standard BOP-Pro on some coverages, including debris removal, electronic data as well as a 24-hour business income waiting period. The question becomes: Why not take advantage of a BOP-Pro endorsement?  

Currently, we have the following endorsements available: 

Man looking at iPad at a barber shop

BOP-Pro Select and Plus

Small restaurant owner standing behind counter smiling

BOP-Pro Restaurant

Contractor drilling into a piece of wood

BOP-Pro Contractor

Compare BOP-Pro coverage to determine what best suits your insured. Simple solutions are here to stay. Welcome to BOP-Pro. 

Supporting lines coverage 

The following are supporting lines that can be quoted with BOP-Pro through the Pro-Quote experience: 

*Where available

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