Appetite lounge: Small business appetite at UFG Insurance

 November 9, 2021     UFG Insurance   Read Time: 3 min
Agent update: small business appetite

Welcome, friends! UFG Agent Update is a series of videos focused on helping insurance agents and those in the industry by giving them tips, offering solutions to common problems and more. Today’s tip focuses on UFG’s small business appetite and what we want to write. Enjoy the video! 

Welcome to part one of our series in the Agent Update Appetite Lounge. Today we’re talking about our small business appetite.

Here’s a sampling of the small business we want to write at UFG. 

1. Contractors

Let’s start with contractors: Fence construction, interior carpentry, interior electricians and floor covering – we specialize in protecting small to mid-sized contractors. While we continue to be a strong market for them, we’re broadening our appetite to include other classes of business, too. 

2. Services

Next on the list is services. Mmm, sweet services like bakeries, barber shops, photographers and tailors all fit our services appetite. 

3. Retailers

And we want your retailers! Florists, beverage stores, internet retailers and even the good boys and girls down at the pet supply stores. I mean, just look at them—your treat stores are in our appetite, yes they are, yes they are, good boy. 

4. Limited-cooking restaurants

Let me clarify: When we say limited-cooking restaurants, we’re not talking about what I do at home in the microwave. We’re talking about coffee shops and stands, delis and sub shops and ice cream and yogurt stores. Even take-out only restaurants—or places that have recently switched to that model—fit our appetite. 

That wraps up our appetite lounge episode on small business. Remember: this is not the list, it’s just a sampling of our list. Make sure you chat with your territory manager or online underwriter for more information! Until next time, catch ya later!

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