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Agent update image with title of video, Marketing tips for insurance agents.

Marketing tips for insurance agents

 September 15, 2021     UFG Insurance    Business  Read Time: 3 min
Want to drive new leads? Expand your network? Post on social media more but don’t know what to post? Here are 4 helpful marketing tips for insurance agents.
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Person relaxing with arms above head near a pool.

Cover your private resort with hospitality insurance

 September 14, 2021     UFG Insurance    Business  Read Time: 3 min
Finding the right insurance coverage for your private resort starts with robust hospitality insurance, but it doesn't end there. Here's what you need to know.
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Man working on machine

How does equipment breakdown coverage work?

 August 16, 2021     UFG Insurance    Business  Read Time: 6 min
You might not be a big manufacturer or have thousands of dollars in refrigerated inventory but your company could still benefit from this special form of business property insurance.
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Downtown skyline with text that reads web browsers for insurance agents.

Web browsers for insurance agents: What should you use?

 August 13, 2021     UFG Insurance    Business  Read Time: 3 min
Internet Explorer? Google Chrome? We discuss web browsers for insurance agents and how choosing the right one can help manage your book of business more efficiently.
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Bartender hanging wine glasses above the bar.

Why your business needs liquor liability insurance

 August 11, 2021     UFG Insurance    Business  Read Time: 4 min
If your business sells, serves or distributes alcohol, you need liquor liability insurance. Here’s a primer on this specialized line of business insurance.
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Truck in front of shipping containers.

5 examples of inland marine insurance coverage

 August 9, 2021     UFG Insurance    Business  Read Time: 4 min
Inland marine insurance is more than just builder’s risk coverage. Here are five unique examples of inland marine insurance coverage.
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Smiling baker in a bakery setting.

Bakery Insurance: Coverages you need to protect your buns

 August 5, 2021     UFG Insurance   Read Time: 3 min
Fresh pastries are an important element of a bakery, but so is the right insurance coverage. Let’s talk bakery insurance and what you need to protect your sweet, delicious business.
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Person at desk looking at camera with title on screen

UFG Agent Update: Could that meeting have been an email?

 August 3, 2021     UFG Insurance    Business  Read Time: 2 min
Is the meeting absolutely necessary or is it about the chili cookoff again? Today’s UFG Agent Update tip looks at how that meeting could have been an email.
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Worker rolling out sod.

Reducing your risk with a landscape safety program

 July 28, 2021     UFG Insurance    Business  Read Time: 4 min
A well-designed landscape safety program can keep your business humming during its peak season. Check out these tips when you’re ready to create yours.
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Scott Bailey smiling at camera in suit

Being a contractor during economic uncertainty: Q&A with Scott Bailey

 July 21, 2021     UFG Insurance    Surety 
History tells us a lot about what it’s like to be a contractor during economic uncertainty. Here are a few things to consider from UFG Surety’s Scott Bailey.
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Supervisor standing among warehouse with safety gear.

FAQs: Workers comp insurance for small businesses

 July 20, 2021     UFG Insurance    Business  Read Time: 5 min
If you have employees, you need workers comp insurance. Here are answers to some frequently asked questions about this important business insurance line.
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Contractors looking at plans.

Technology for contractors: 4 ways to boost safety

 July 14, 2021     UFG Insurance    Business  Read Time: 4 min
Technology may be overwhelming, but it can also be your friend. Let’s look at technology for contractors and four ways it can help boost safety in your operation.
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