Scott Bailey smiling at camera in suit

Being a contractor during economic uncertainty: Q&A with Scott Bailey

 July 21, 2021     UFG Insurance    Surety 
History tells us a lot about what it’s like to be a contractor during economic uncertainty. Here are a few things to consider from UFG Surety’s Scott Bailey.
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Worker in conversation with another person.

How to verify a surety bond with UFG Surety’s Dennis Richmann

 June 3, 2021     UFG Insurance    Surety  Read Time: 4 min
Fraudulent surety bonds continue to be an issue for the construction and lending industries. Here are a few tips on how to verify a surety bond.
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People conversing at a construction site with hard hats.

UFG Surety: Providing the surety knowledge you need

 April 16, 2021     UFG Insurance    Surety  Read Time: 3 min
When it comes to surety bonding for your project or business, you need a partner that you can trust with experience, knowledge and financial strength. Look no further than UFG Surety.
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Team of contractors wearing safety equipment and shaking hands near job site

3 reasons why your business may need a contract surety bond

 September 15, 2020     UFG Insurance    Business   Surety  Read Time: 4 min
Publicly funded projects require surety bonds by law, but there are other reasons why your business may need one. Check out our top three reasons for a contract surety bond.
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UFG Surety's Quinson Holderness discussing popular commercial surety bonds

Commercial surety bonds: A Q&A with UFG Surety’s Quinson Holderness

 July 23, 2020     UFG Insurance    Surety  Read Time: 6 min
UFG Surety’s Quinson Holderness discusses what we need to know about commercial surety bonds, how COVID-19 pandemic has impacted the surety market and more.
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Crane moving walls at pre-fab construction facility

One construction method that’s growing amid the pandemic

 July 10, 2020     UFG Insurance    Surety  Read Time: 5 min
What’s going to happen with construction in the pandemic? One method of construction was seeing significant growth before—and now during—the first half of 2020.
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Contractors shaking hands with local business owners in-between work

Relationship building for contractors: Creating a positive client experience

 June 17, 2020     UFG Insurance    Business   Surety  Read Time: 3 min
A positive business relationship can have a tremendous impact on future customers. Here are some tips on relationship building for contractors and what they can do to create a positive client experience.
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Construction leaders reviewing blueprints at jobsite

10 business lessons contractors can learn from

 June 4, 2020     UFG Insurance    Surety 
A surety is an important partner for contractors when it comes to successfully growing their business. Here are 10 business lessons contractors can learn from to avoid destroying their bonding.
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UFG Surety team member reviewing construction blueprints with contractors

The 4 most common types of contract bonds

 May 13, 2020     UFG Insurance    Surety 
Want to stand out from the competition? That’s where a contract surety bond and surety capacity come into play. Here are the four most common types of contract bonds.
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UFG Surety Marketing Manager Ky Saylor, speaking with client

How much does a surety bond cost? Q&A with UFG Surety’s Kyanna Saylor, AFSB

 April 2, 2020     UFG Insurance    Surety 
We sat down with Ky to discuss the all-important question: How much does a surety bond cost?
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Diverse construction team at work site reviewing construction plans.

5 tips to help grow your independent contractor business

 March 18, 2020     UFG Insurance    Business   Surety 
Here are five effective tips to help grow your independent contractor business.
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Three people in hard hats at construction site with the leader pointing out good work.

3 Keys to Establishing a Surety Relationship

 January 6, 2020     UFG Insurance    Surety 
Contractors have enough to worry about. But if you’re considering pursuing projects requiring surety bonds, the first step is to build a surety relationship that will benefit you for years to come.
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