Safer holiday travel in 6 easy-to-do steps

 December 16, 2019     UFG Insurance    Auto   Personal 
Preventing distracted driving holidays

'Tis the season for travel! Millions of people hit the road each year to get to family and friends in time for holiday celebrations. Do your part to make sure you, and the other guy, get safely home for the holidays by pledging to be a focused driver. After all, your safe arrival is the best present you can give the people you love. It’s worth it to follow these six easy steps to avoid distractions when driving.

1. Put your phone away! 

Texting or talking on the phone is one of the most common forms of distracted driving and is super dangerous (even illegal in some states). Get rid of temptation by setting your phone on do-not-disturb mode and putting it away until you're at your destination or a safe pit stop, like a gas station or highway rest area.

2. Review maps and travel plans ahead of time. 

When your eyes are glued to the road instead of your GPS, you and other drivers are safer. Checking the route before you leave also gives you a heads up on road closures or construction zones, which can help you stay on schedule.

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3. Split up driving responsibilities. 

Long trips make for bored drivers. It’s easy to let your mind wander when you’re excited or nervous about reaching your destination so, if you have a traveling partner, drive in shifts when you can. Use your time as a passenger to give your brain a break and refocus on the task at hand.

4. Give yourself plenty of time. 

Winter weather can be a beast. When combined with busy roadways, your perfectly timed trip can turn into a turtle race. Cut yourself some slack. Stay patient and build in lots of leeway to get where you need to go.

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5. Don't drive tired. 

It’s common to set out when traffic is light, usually earlier or later in the day. It’s also normal for drivers to want to keep going, even when they start to feel sleepy. But, according to the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration, drowsy driving is the cause of at least 100,000 auto crashes every year. Don’t become part of that statistic. Plan to set out when you’re well rested and, if your eyes get heavy as you’re driving, pull over for a catnap.

6. Take the online pledge to be a focused driver and share it with your loved ones.

Now that we’ve walked you through some easy-to-change driving habits, confirm your commitment to attentive driving by taking the UFG Worth It online pledge to stay focused behind the wheel. Because a distracted-driving crash doesn’t need to be part of anyone’s holiday memories, make sure you share the pledge with the people you love. Life is worth it. Distracted driving is not.

And finally, make sure your auto insurance is updated. You’ve got the know-how to practice safe driving and focus on the road, but other motorists might be a different story. It’s a good idea to make sure your car insurance information is current and that proof of it is in your vehicle before you take off, just in case. A UFG agent can help if you need it.

Safe, happy holidays from your friends at UFG Insurance!


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