UFG Surety: Providing the surety knowledge you need

 April 16, 2021     UFG Insurance    Surety  Read Time: 3 min

While the basics of surety bonds are relatively easy to understand, it can make it difficult to know what you need to qualify for a bond. 

The question becomes where do you start? Business owners and operators are busy enough as it is — that's why a knowledgeable partner like UFG Surety is essential when it comes to commercial bonding and surety coverage.

Why choose UFG Surety?

1. Knowledge and experience

Business is great when everything goes according to plan, but what about when it doesn't? It takes experience and an elite team to see business challenges ahead and find innovative solutions. UFG Surety has been helping clients reach their goals for nearly 70 years, with relationships that span industries and generations. Our experienced team of leaders and underwriters are here to help you solve problems and make your job easier. 

2. A trusted business partner

Surety is a specialized form of credit and not all insurance agents are fluent in the field of bonds. Not only is our team highly trained and knowledgeable, but our surety agents are top-tier. Offering bonds in nearly all 50 states, UFG has the training and resources of a national firm, while still maintaining the service of a more regional player. 

3. Small or large projects 

As a financially strong company, UFG has the capacity and flexibility to cover everything from small projects to mid-size to larger commercial accounts. Our strong surety team can help find the right solution to fit your business needs, whether a type of contract bond or a type of commercial surety bond is required. 

Ready to get started? Learn more about UFG surety or find an agent today. 

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