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5 best free marketing tools for real estate agents

 March 31, 2022     UFG Insurance    Business  Read Time: 4 min

Real estate agent meeting with prospecting couple

The adage “it takes money to make money” is true, especially for a real estate agent. 

You have yard signs, business cards, brochures and tons of other marketing and advertising collateral to think about that come with a price tag to help you stay at the forefront of the realty business.

But not every realtor or real estate agent has the bursting budget needed to snag that prime-location billboard or 30 seconds of airtime on the most watched TV station in town. 
What every real estate business does have, though, are plentiful free marketing tools at their fingertips.

Let’s talk about what you can do – for free – to boost brand awareness and stay top of mind for people in the market for a new home or office.

5 best free marketing tools for real estate agents

1. Network in your community

One of the most authentic ways to introduce yourself to your community is to simply get out there and meet people.
Volunteer at neighborhood events. Help your local nonprofits. Join social clubs. Take part in activities that get you mingling with people in the town(s) where you work. 
The more people get to know you, and the more you get to know them, the more you’ll be fresh in their minds if (and when) they need your real estate services.

2. Social media

Now, if you’re not savvy in the ways of social media, don’t let this one scare you. As the metaverse takes deeper root, there’s no better time than now to start dipping a toe in the engaging, interactive world of digital communication. Start by thinking about the customers you serve and the esthetics of the spaces you sell, rent or lease. 
For example, Instagram might be a niche platform for you, giving you a chance to showcase some of the beautiful and unique living spaces or office buildings you have to offer. Facebook (a.k.a Meta) might be just the ticket to offer you a chance to interact with existing customers and potential customers. If you have a lot of open houses, try creating an event on Facebook as one more way to get the word out and keep your open house at the forefront of thought for your home-seekers.
No matter which social media platform you dive into (and there are a lot to choose from), just be sure you’re active, engaged, responsive and present. Afterall “social” is part of the gig. It’s important to talk with your followers, don’t simply talk at your followers. If someone reaches out to you on social, whether through a comment or private message, be sure to respond in a timely fashion — just like you would if they called you or sent you an email.

3. Customer reviews 

If you’re all set on Facebook and have a business profile on Google and/or Yelp, then one thing you can do is encourage your customers to leave you a review. That way, when a potential client starts an online search for real estate agents in the area, they’ll get a sense of how your business ranks in the eyes of the people you’ve helped. Reviews are basically client testimonials with star-rating power, and the more reviews a business has the more legit their reputation.

What if you don’t have that business profile? It’s super easy to claim your business on Google or get started on Yelp.

4. Website copy

What’s that mean? Well, “copy” is advertising lingo for the words you see in marketing tools like brochures, posters and flyers. So, when you’re reading a company’s website for example — or a really cool blog like this one — you’re reading copy. 
Take a good read through the copy on your real estate business website and look at those words through the lens of the people you serve. Are you speaking too technically? Is it easy for a customer to understand the different ways your services can help? And here’s one of the most important questions to think about: Can a search engine find your website if a customer is looking online for a real estate agent? 
One simple way to answer that question is to think about keywords. These would be the words or phrases that your customers might be using in Google, Bing or any other online search. Your clients might enter phrases like “best real estate agents” in your city so, if that’s you, your website copy might want to mention you’re one of the best real estate agents in your town (we’re sure you are!).

Thinking about keywords your customers might use and making sure those words and phrases are present on your real estate business website, is a great way to be sure your webpages will pop up when people are on the hunt for services like yours.

5. Word of mouth

This last freebie is a tried-and-true method of marketing: Ask your satisfied customers to tell their friends about you. There’s a level of credibility that just can’t be beat when your name comes up in who-sold-your-house conversations. Refer-a-friend programs are effective and trusted ways to keep new clients coming your way. 

Now that you’re equipped with some fresh — and free — ideas for brand awareness in the real estate biz, get out there and get sellin’!

One last note: Be sure you’ve talked with your insurance agent about reputation coverage – yes, that’s a thing. Just like any unexpected event that might loom in the shadows, a nasty public-relations snafu could bubble up for even the most awesome real estate agent. If that situation escalates to one that damages your hard-earned character, reputation coverage may help you boost advertising efforts and rebuild your good name. 

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