Technology for contractors: 4 ways to boost safety

 July 14, 2021     UFG Insurance    Business  Read Time: 4 min
Contractors looking at plans.

Safety can be implemented in many ways. From signs and posters to training and procedures, companies are taking steps to make sure their workers are staying safe. Technology is another tool that can provide an extra boost of protection to complement safety procedures. 

In fact, here are four ways technology can help boost the safety of contractors at a jobsite.

1. Use drones to scan the jobsite.

Drones are an easy way to look at a construction site without putting yourself in an area that could be potentially dangerous. Navigated by the user, drones can provide a video visualization of the overall jobsite so contractors can see exactly what they are working with and any areas that could pose a threat to workers. 

2. Reduce hazards with augmented reality.

While augmented reality (AR) is still new, contractors are slowly starting to incorporate this budding technology into planning and construction aspects. By injecting computer-generated images of a project into a space in real time, AR provides workers with a visual representation of the project before actual construction begins. This can help reduce hazards because contractors can more easily see safety issues in the design and solve them before something bad happens on the jobsite.

Is AR a little too techy for where you’re at today? That’s OK. Just make sure you’re doing your best to avoid safety pitfalls.

3. Include smartphone apps to communicate effectively.

From communicating to digital blueprint sharing and materials calculating, there is an app for almost anything — even for contractors. Apps used to communicate with others can help boost safety because more workers and project managers can be updated on events occurring onsite. It’s also an easy way to provide quick reports to multiple parties to ensure everyone is moving in lockstep. 

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4. Consider cybersecurity insurance. 

Cyberattacks have the potential to rise as more contractors implement new technology in their business. It’s important to make sure you’re covered with adequate cybersecurity insurance. With cybersecurity coverage from UFG Insurance, for example, you’d likely be covered for most types of cyber risk, including leaked passwords, social security numbers and credit cards. Find a UFG agent near you to chat about cyber coverage options. To learn more about cybersecurity in general, check out this blog about the basics of cybersecurity insurance coverage.

While new technology can be overwhelming, incorporating it into safety protocols might potentially save a life. 

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