4 job interview questions for small retail business owners to think about

 September 23, 2020     UFG Insurance    Business  Read Time: 4 min
Interviewing tips

You’ve poured your passion into building the retail business of your dreams. When the time comes to grow the company, you’ll no doubt need to hire more hands to help you take everything to the next level. Afterall, good employees are some of the best brand ambassadors a small business can have. 

But finding the right employees can be a daunting task. There’s a lot to consider in addition to skill sets—do their goals align with your company’s vision, are they trustworthy, flexible, will they be as excited as you are to come to work? Here are four questions that may help zero in on those oh-so important considerations when interviewing job candidates.

1. Why are you interested in this opportunity?

A common question, but the responses to it can be crucial when deciding who your best hire may be. Listen closely to answers. Consider the deeper meaning of what those answers might tell you, not only about passion for your industry but also preparation for the interview. This one could possibly make or break your meeting.

2. If you were part of a dinner salad, what would you be and why?

Cheese because I’m sharp. Bacon bits because… well… bacon. A question like this one isn’t meant to make your candidate squirm. Is it a weird question? Maybe. Important? Definitely. 

Curve balls not only give you a glimpse into how fast a person might think on their feet or problem solve, but they also give the interviewee a chance to show some personality and creativity that might be a great fit for your culture, product or team.

3. Tell me about a time you were asked to work on a project outside your routine responsibilities. 

Small businesses often need flexibility. It may be important to think about how a candidate may respond to the “other duties as assigned” portion of a job description. 

A question like this one can help you learn about your candidate’s successful ability to adapt when it comes to tasks and, just like the lyrics of a Steve Winwood song, roll with it. 

4. What’s your customer service philosophy?

Your customers are undoubtedly the cornerstone of your business. Make sure you include a question like this one to give you an idea of whether the candidate’s ideals align with the company’s principles. Doing so may help you avoid a harmful hire. 

But if a bad seed does find their way into your great crop of employees and makes a dishonest choice, like stealing a customer’s property for example, the right businessowners policy may help cover those actions. Be sure to talk with your insurance agent to make sure you have the coverages in place you may need as you add employees.

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