A mix of options with craft beverage insurance

 September 1, 2020     UFG Insurance    Business  Read Time: 4 min
Craft beverage insurance

Just as grains, barley and yeast are essential ingredients in the craft beverage industry, make sure you're mixing the necessary ingredients when protecting your business as well! Here are some tips to keep in mind when considering coverage options for your brewery, winery or distillery. 

For your brewery

Several unpredicted events can occur when owning and operating a brewery, and it’s important to always keep these in mind. Some of these could be vital equipment or machinery unexpectedly breaking down, a customer slipping or falling on your property or unfinished or completed beer leaking or spilling from a storage tank. General liability insurance, equipment breakdown coverage, and tank leakage coverage may come in handy in these scenarios and others.

For your winery

Some risks to consider when operating your winery can include guests damaging grapes, wine and other equipment; leakage, spillage or mixing that destroys wine in the process; and the potential for insecticides used on grape crops to drift onto neighboring properties. Coverages like business property, contract cancellation and mobile equipment may assist in these areas and more. 

For your distillery

In a distillery, all above risks must be evaluated, but there are additional dangers yet. The threat of explosion due to secondary fermentation, liquor liability from over-serving patrons and contaminated liquor due to unsanitary procedures are all reasonable possibilities. To help combat this, you will want to utilize commercial property, liquor liability and general liability insurance.

Craft beverage insurance

To meet the coverage needs of breweries, wineries and distilleries, some insurance companies are creating special endorsement products, such as the recently “tapped” Beverage Ultra Property Plus and Ultra Liability Plus endorsements from UFG Insurance. 

These endorsements offer a mix of additional or expanded coverage options for the craft beverage industry, including key coverages, such as leakage or spillage, tank collapse, spoilage, water and sewer backup, business income and unharvested crop and/or trellises.

Interested in this coverage for your brewery, winery or distillery? Learn more by chatting with a UFG agent today—and then when your customers come to your business to relax, you can relax too! 

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