4 Cybersecurity attacks to think about in 2020

 April 23, 2020     UFG Insurance    Business 
2020 Cyberattacks

The world depends on the internet, perhaps in 2020 more than ever. We’ve always known to watch for cybersecurity threats but, with the increasing amount of personal information accessible online, how secure is our information?

Unfortunately, this year holds its fair share of new and emerging fraud and identity theft dangers. Learn about some of these newer trends and help avoid putting your information at risk.

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2020 trends

  1. Oversharing — Social media and dating apps are a norm today. It's also become the norm to share personal information on these platforms. Be very vigilant and aware of what you're sharing on these sites—and who you're sharing it with—to avoid the possibility of identity theft. 
  2. Smart devices — While devices like phones and tablets keep us connected, they also contain vital personal information that could be hacked while you're out in public. Be sure your devices are equipped with proper security software.
  3. Artificial intelligence (AI) assistance — Who would have dreamed commands like “Hey, Google” or “Alexa” would be part of daily language? Technological advancements have been astonishing over the last decade. AI is a tool that continues to be developed, and some fear it could possibly be a target for hackers someday. While not a prominent threat today, it’s definitely a topic to watch.   
  4. Vehicle hacking — From your standard SUV to technologically advanced electric cars, our vehicles have become just as smart as our phones and tablets. The threat of hackers comes with GPS and Bluetooth capabilities becoming standard in most vehicles. Be sure to keep your car’s software updated.
Was some of the information above news to you? If so, that’s an example of a security skill gap—an indicator of a need for more knowledge. Make sure you stay updated all the latest security trends to help ensure your information never ends up in the wrong hands. 

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