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People conversing at a construction site with hard hats.

UFG Surety: Providing the surety knowledge you need

 April 16, 2021     UFG Insurance    Surety  Read Time: 3 min
When it comes to surety bonding for your project or business, you need a partner that you can trust with experience, knowledge and financial strength. Look no further than UFG Surety.
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Construction team at work site smiling while looking at laptop together.

How to build a successful construction team: 3 positions you’re not thinking about

 October 24, 2019     UFG Insurance    Surety 
Here are three key business partners you are not thinking about when it comes to building a successful construction team.
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Three people in hard hats reviewing construction blueprints.

What is a surety bond?

 October 22, 2019     UFG Insurance    Surety 
As a contractor or business owner, you may have heard that you need a surety bond. We’re here to explain everything you need to know.
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