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Using and storing flammable liquids safely in your business

 February 16, 2023     UFG Insurance    Business  Read Time: 4 min
If you use flammable and combustible liquids for business, it's imperative that you store them safely. Here's where to start designing the proper fire prevention plan for these volatile liquids.
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Assorted vegetables on baking sheet cooking in oven.

6 tips for safe holiday cooking

 November 18, 2019     UFG Insurance    Personal  Read Time: 5 min
Whether you're baking small treats to surprise your friends or cooking a full meal for a big family dinner, it's important to remember these 6 tips for safe holiday cooking.
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Stack of building blocks with hand placing one at the top that says Safety

Fire Prevention Week: 5 Safety Tips

 October 16, 2019     UFG Insurance    Business 
Raise fire safety awareness with these five tips to implement into your workplace or your home
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