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UFG Agent Update: Carrier Service Center

 March 10, 2022     UFG Insurance    Business  Read Time: 3 min
Insurance carrier service centers are here so agents can get back to doing what they’re doing at. Here are three reasons why you should take advantage of a carrier’s service center.
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Person at desk looking at camera with title on screen

UFG Agent Update: Could that meeting have been an email?

 August 3, 2021     UFG Insurance    Business  Read Time: 2 min
Is the meeting absolutely necessary or is it about the chili cookoff again? Today’s UFG Agent Update tip looks at how that meeting could have been an email.
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Busy walkway with caution for slippery floors sign.

All about lessor's risk only (LRO) insurance

 June 8, 2021     UFG Insurance    Business  Read Time: 4 min
Lessor's risk only (LRO) insurance is a unique form of coverage designed to protect commercial property owners from property damage and injury lawsuits by tenants.
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Contractor performing maintenance on an heating unit.

Errors and omissions insurance: What it is and why you may need it

 November 5, 2019     UFG Insurance    Business 
As a contractor or small business owner, errors and omissions insurance can help protect your bottom line in the long run.
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a flooded office, with furniture floating in the water

Flood insurance for small businesses

 August 9, 2019     UFG Insurance    Business 
Flooding can be devastating to a small business, yet business owners may not understand the basics of flood insurance for small businesses.
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