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The new ufgQuick online experience is here

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We want to save you time. Our new online experience is here to get answers right away via a streamlined process that's designed with you in mind.

There are no philosophical underwriting changes, just an easy-to-use portal that gives customers a line of authority good for one year. Ready? Set. Bond.

Five reasons why you should use the ufgQuick online submission experience:

1. Less questions, more bonding
Time flies, eh? No worries because the new online experience has less screens and less questions, which means more time for ufgQuick bonds.

2. Standard commission
We offer standard commission on all bonds written through the online experience. Period. 

3. Work with your favorite underwriter
No surprises here! We take a more flexible approach to servicing your team so you can work with who you know to get the answers you need. 

4. No need to set a reminder
If pended, we'll get back to you as soon as possible about your ufgQuick submission. 

5. Click a button to easily print all of your bond documents
You can upload the signed documents — no originals needed!

Up to $500,000. Bid or performance and payment bond amount.
Up to $750,000. Aggregate bonded program amount.
One-page application. Because we value your time.
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