Individual Insurance


Protection for individuals and families

In our day-to-day lives of work schedules, family commitments and personal obligations, insurance protection is something we don’t think about often. In fact, it may never cross our minds, until we need it.

It’s in those moments following a storm, a theft, a fire, an accident—after we’ve learned that everyone is okay—that insurance enters our minds and we think to ourselves: I hope I have enough protection.

These are the moments when our customers are glad they chose UFG to protect them. For 70 years, we’ve been helping individuals and families be financially prepared for the unexpected moments in their lives.

Personal Insurance

We have a complete line of personal insurance products designed to protect your life as you live it. To save on premium dollars, we offer valuable policy discounts, rewarding our customers for being loss free and loyal, as well as for having multiple policies, alarm systems, anti-lock brakes and more.

Identity Management

As our personal insurance customer, you’ll also receive free identity management services provided by CyberScout, which provides you with unlimited, one-on-one access to an experienced fraud specialist in the event of an identity theft or concern.

Back to life as you know it

And, when the unexpected happens, you can depend on us to make good on our promise of protection. With claims representatives strategically located throughout the country, we are able to resolve losses quickly and efficiently, so you can get back to life as you know it.

Protect your life on the road
Whether you’re driving to work, in a shopping center parking lot, or on a road trip with your family, it’s important to feel safe and secure when behind the wheel of your car. If you’ve ever been in a car accident, you know it can be an emotional experience. But having insurance protection from a company you trust helps ease a stressful situation.

Auto protection from UFG combines broad property and liability insurance with a variety of optional coverages, such as RoadAssist 24/7, which provides emergency roadside services 24 hours a day, seven days a week. We also offer insurance protection for motorcyclists.

Choose UFG to protect your life on the road. In fact, we encourage you to take advantage of the simplicity—and premium-saving discounts—of having all your insurance protection through UFG.

Protect the place you call home
UFG offers insurance protection for all the places our customers call home, from first apartments to starter condos to forever houses. Whether you own or rent, you’ve invested a lot in your home and its contents, both financially and emotionally. You can protect your investment—and everything that makes your house a home—with homeowner insurance from UFG.

Our homeowner insurance includes broad property and liability protection, with a variety of optional coverages to meet your personal needs. We also have specialty insurance programs for condominium owners and renters.

Signature Premier Homeowner ProgramDo you live in a custom home? Our Signature Premier Homeowner Program® is designed exclusively for people who own newer custom-built homes, offering insurance protection that goes above and beyond a standard homeowner policy.

Choose UFG to protect the place you call home. In fact, we encourage you to take advantage of the simplicity—and premium-saving discounts—of having all your insurance protection through UFG.

Protect yourself on the days it pours
Some days it rains and some days it pours. One minute you’re driving down the road and the next you’re involved in a serious car accident. One minute you’re watching the snow fall and the next you’re being sued by a person who fell in your icy driveway. Will your auto or homeowner insurance be enough to protect you?

Sometimes in life, things have a way of going from bad to worse quickly. With umbrella insurance from UFG, you will be prepared for the days it rains—and especially for the days it pours.

Umbrella insurance from UFG provides up to $5 million in extra liability protection. And, unlike others, our policy even protects you against some losses that may not be covered by your underlying homeowner and automobile policies.

Choose UFG to protect you on the days it pours. In fact, we encourage you to take advantage of the simplicity—and premium-saving discounts—of having all your insurance protection through UFG.

Disclaimer: Subject to applicable legal requirements, United Fire & Casualty Company and its subsidiaries and affiliates (UFG Insurance) are no longer renewing or writing new personal lines coverage for current or potential policyholders in most states. To accommodate obtaining replacement coverage, we have entered into a renewal rights agreement for most of our personal lines business. Read more here