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UFG Agent Update: 3 top risk control tips

 November 17, 2022     UFG Insurance    Agents   Business  Read Time: 3 min

Welcome, friends! Agent Update is a series of videos focused on helping insurance agents and those in the industry by giving them tips, offering solutions to common problems and more. Today we’re sharing three top risk control tips. Enjoy!

Today, we’d like to discuss safety and share a few valuable insights from our knowledgeable risk control consultants. Please be sure to read through to the end to see if we cover a specific tip or industry that applies to you.  

Here are three top risk control tips to prevent accidents from happening at your insured’s businesses. 

Tip 1: Getting messy with oily rag containers.

Did you know oil rags can instantaneously combust if not properly stored? Yeah, really! 

This can occur when a combustible object, like a solvent rag, is heated to its ignition temperature by a chemical reaction involving the oxygen in the air around us. It’s simple science, really.

OSHA recommends oily rags be stored in a covered metal or polyethylene oily waste can. Connect with your UFG risk control representative for more information.

Tip 2: Zooming right along to cruise control safety tips.

Did you know using cruise control in a rainstorm can cause your tires to spin faster if you start to hydroplane? The same can happen in icy conditions.

If you’re going to use cruise control, please make sure you do it in safe and dry conditions. 

Tip 3: Exploring commercial exhaust hood cleaning.

Did you know the National Fire Protection Association (NFPA) requires kitchen exhaust systems be professionally cleaned two times annually at a minimum for moderate and heavy use kitchens due to grease build up? 

Additionally, removable metal exhaust vents must be cleaned weekly.

There you have it! Three great tips from the UFG risk management team. Agents, they’re a value-added service that’s here to help you. If you want to make a connection with your risk control consultant, reach out to your marketing representative today.

Thanks for watching (and reading)! Be on the lookout for our next video and watch our Agent Update videos on our YouTube channel

Catch you later!

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