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Agent Update: How to celebrate insurance agency employees

 May 27, 2022     UFG Insurance    Agents   Business  Read Time: 3 min

Welcome, friends! UFG Agent Update is a series of videos focused on helping insurance agents and those in the industry by giving them tips, offering solutions to common problems and more. Today we’re discussing how to celebrate insurance agency employees. Enjoy the video! 

We recently celebrated Employee Appreciation Day so today we’re discussing how to celebrate insurance agency employees! Hey, that’s you!  

Listen, these tips and tricks can apply to really any employee base, but we work in insurance. Jealous much? You know how it goes.

Alrighty, tip number one: Learn how people want to be celebrated. In the same way that we have five love languages, people want to be celebrated in different ways. Some people need to hear “I’m so proud of you!” while others appreciate time off or a monetary gift! 

There are so many ways to celebrate people, you just have to figure out what works for them...hey, hey what the?

Next up is to make sure you spread thanks across the workplace. Whether you just started your career or you’re an executive, a simple thank you can go a long way. Think internal and external partners or the people who help you when you need something – everyone can be celebrated. In fact, I have something I want to say...

Thank you guys so much!

Video producers: Okay, fine, we get it. Get away from us!

Lastly, individual celebrations are great, but make sure you celebrate as a team, as well. Some people like celebrating in big groups and others may not, and that’s perfectly fine and should be noted going forward. 

Hey, speaking of celebrating, do you want to hang out tonight? Maybe we could grab dinner as a team? ...guys? Hello?

There you have it! Taking time to celebrate your people and co-workers is time well spent. You won’t regret it and neither will they, unless you tell them they are doing an okay job via a billboard. 

Anyway, shoutout to those taking time to celebrate their people. You’re the real MVPs. Until next time, catch ya later! 

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