Marketing tips for insurance agents

 September 15, 2021     UFG Insurance    Business  Read Time: 3 min
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elcome, friends! UFG Agent Update is a series of videos focused on helping insurance agents and those in the industry by giving them tips, offering solutions to common problems and more. Today’s tip focuses on marketing tips for those of you in the insurance industry. Enjoy the video!  

Hey there friends, it’s Zach with UFG Insurance. Today we’re talking marketing tips for insurance agents. Let’s goooo!

If you can’t tell I’m real excited about this one. Because this is what I do. I’m a marketer!

Anyway, let’s get into it! Here are a few helpful marketing tips for insurance agents.

1. Create referral programs

K.I.S.S – keep it simple, silly goose! A referral program may seem like a step back in time, but agents keep using them because they seem to work!

  • Do you have a referral program? 
  • Could it use an update or new offer? 
  • Could you create a direct mail campaign or social media posts about your referral program?

2. Be active on social media

Regardless of whether or not you like social media, your audience is spending time there. Like, way too much time. And your first question is likely “What should we post about?” Well, anything can be content. Even this hot dog stapler!

3. Joining professional associations

This tactic is underrated, so listen closely. Let’s say you want to target breweries or manufacturers—both of which are in UFG’s appetite, by the way. You could join a professionals in manufacturing organization or a craft beer association.

Those are effective ways to strategically expand your network within industries and classes you want to target! Eh? Cheers!

4. Selling on value and not price

Lastly, you may already do this, but we encourage all agents to sell or market to their insureds based on value and not price. Insurance is intangible, but the value an agency like yours brings, the value the carrier presents, the value of the services and relationship of buying insurance from an actual person, versus buying from a computer screen, it’s truly invaluable.

Phew! That’s it for today! Shoutout to YOU for joining us. Shoutout to the video team for letting me borrow a tie. Shoutout to hot dog staplers. Tune in again next time for another episode of Agent Update. Catch ya later!

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