What's included in golf course property insurance?

 June 9, 2021     UFG Insurance    Business  Read Time: 3 min
Golfer putting on a green.

When it comes to recreational businesses, golf courses and country clubs have some of the most unique property protection needs around. 

From the fairways and greens to trees, landscaping and water features, each course has its own look and feel. They also have their own maintenance and upkeep challenges, requiring a customized solution—like when you need to hit a low stinger with a hybrid around a tree.

Enter golf course insurance, a specialized form of property insurance designed to account for the common coverage needs of golf courses, while providing a variety of options for tailored protection. 

What does golf course property insurance include? 

Built on a foundation of property coverage, basic golf course property insurance covers: 
  • The golf course and practice greens.
  • Golf course property and buildings.
  • Driving ranges.
  • Golf carts.
Many policies, such as UFG's Golf Course Ultra Property Plus endorsement, also include a range of enhancements designed for the unique risks faced by golf course operators. Some of the most notable are: 

Hole-in-one promotions

Hole-in-one contests with big-dollar prizes are popular with nonprofit tournaments and marketing teams, but who pays when someone actually hits the pin? Many golf course insurance policies will cover prize costs, although there are sometimes limitations based on the award size or the location. Note: Hole-in-one coverage is not available in Florida.

Fixing your divots: Landscape cleanup and repair

 With manicured grasses and old-growth trees, debris removal and pollutant cleanup can be particularly expensive for course owners. Golf course insurance policies often increase their coverage for these costs, as well as for the landscape features such as trees, shrubs, signage and more. 

Protecting golf course operations

A golf course is more than just holes and carts—it includes your clubhouse, retail operations, training staff and more. Comprehensive golf course insurance will include coverage for risks such as food spoilage, employee theft, golf pro replacement, credit card transactions, data loss and many others. 

Beyond the out of bounds markers: Expanding the scope of coverage

From golf balls going out of bounds to carts used or damaged off-course, course owners need protection that applies beyond their property's boundaries. UFG's Golf Course Ultra Property Plus endorsement includes coverage for course property used off-premises and extended coverage 1,000 feet or more past the premises. 

Of course, just like golf itself, every golf course property insurance policy varies a bit. Fret not, because UFG is here to keep you in play! Our knowledgeable agents can explain the finer points and tailor a policy for your course that keeps you moving toward the 18th green, no matter what happens. 

Find a UFG agent to chat about our Golf Course Ultra Property Plus endorsement today! 

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