UFG Agent Update: Could that meeting have been an email?

 August 3, 2021     UFG Insurance    Business  Read Time: 2 min

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Welcome, friends! UFG Agent Update is a series of videos focused on helping insurance agents and those in the industry by giving them tips, offering solutions to common problems and more. Today’s tip focuses on a popular office topic: how that meeting could have been an email. Enjoy! 

Ever been in a meeting where the only thing you say is “Thanks!” after coming off mute 29 minutes in? It’s the worst!

“Time is precious. Time is money. Or it means more time for online quoting…or searching the internet to learn how to make one of those viral tortilla wraps.” Hey, it was pretty good!

“When thinking about if that meeting could have been an email, consider these three questions:”
  1. Has anyone mentioned they have a really busy day or week?
  2. Is it valuable to start an email thread and let people think and respond to the topic first?
  3. Is it another meeting about the chili cook-off? 

Ah, yes, the chili cook-off. A tradition as old as time itself. The office, the smiles, the beans. Does it get any better than that? 

But seriously, before sending out that meeting invite ask yourself if it could be an email and try to take into consideration what others have on their plates (not talking chili anymore).

Thanks for watching and reading! Be on the lookout for our next video and make sure you watch other Agent Update videos on our YouTube channel. Catch you later!

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